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The WLKPA Newsletter
is published seasonally, four times a year. We aim to pack each issue with interesting and relevant kidney health related news of what's going on at local and national levels.
It additionally, serves as a reminder of ways in which you can participate either by raising funds
in your community, participating at the annual Transplant Games or how
you can join the
KPA committee.

If you have a news story which you feel
is relevant to the
renal community?
Or you want to see more of a particular topic featured in the newsletter,
Contact us
and let us know!

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View and Download the latest

Summer 2021 issue here


View and Download the latest

Autumn 2021 issue here

Newsletter AUTUMN 2021-Front page.jpg

View and Download the latest

Winter 2021 issue here

Newsletter WINTER 2021-front cover.jpg
Newsletter SPRING 2021- Front cover.jpg

View and Download the latest

Spring 2021 issue here

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