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To Continue Hearing From Us

WLKPA fully supports the protection of your personal and important data.
To help us help you we need to know if you still want to hear from us and what you want to hear about.

Please read the terms of membership and fill in this form to stay in touch.
Thank you.

Dear Fellow Patient, 


As a patient of the Imperial College Renal and Transplant Centre (ICRTC) (previously known as the West London Renal and Transplant Centre), or a relative or carer of an ICRTC patient or an ICRTC staff member, you can become a member of the West London Kidney Patients’ Association (“WLKPA”).


The West London Kidney Patients’ Association is a registered charity which provides free information and support to all renal patients who are treated at any of the renal units run by the ICRTC, their families and carers.


The WLKPA is managed on a totally voluntary basis by a committee of people who are ICRTC kidney patients, live donors, their family members, carers and friends. Staff of the ICRTC are also encouraged to be involved and we are honoured to have Prof Papalois (Consultant Renal and Transplant Surgeon) as our Patron. 


We have notice boards in each dialysis unit and in the renal outpatient clinic at Hammersmith Hospital. You can find out more information through our website:, Facebook page:, or email us at:, or write to the address on the Contact page.


What we do:

  • Provide information and support to people at various stages of renal failure, on dialysis, transplant recipients and their families. 

  • Fundraise to help improve clinical facilities, to purchase equipment the NHS can not provide but which will enhance the quality of care and comfort for kidney patients under the care of ICRTC

  • Support national renal organisations. 

  • Raise public awareness about renal issues. 

  • Encourage discussion about being on the organ donor register.

  • Produce a quarterly newsletter, written by patients and staff of ICRTC.
    It contains informative articles about living with renal disease, dietary advice, articles about national renal issues such as organ donation, stories by patients and gives information about what we have raised funds for.

  • Participate in hospital run Pre-Dialysis and Transplant Seminars to offer support through our own experiences.

  • Support research projects being carried out within the Imperial College Renal and Transplant Services. 

  • Support patients who want to participate in the annual Transplant Games.

  • Supporting and raising awareness during World Kidney Day and Organ Donation Week. 


If you would like to be registered as a member of WLKPA please fill out the form below and submit.


Benefits of signing up to be a member of WLKPA: 

-    You can receive our quarterly WLKPA Newsletter 

-    You will be informed of our fundraising activities

-    You will be informed of the Annual General Meeting


If you wish, we can also pass on your contact details to 

the National Kidney Federation so that you can receive copies of the Kidney Life Magazine.

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