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Number 275771

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Welcome to the West London Kidney Patients’ Association (WLKPA) website. We are a charity run by kidney patients, their families, friends & carers with support from the staff of the Imperial College Renal and Transplant Centre.

All patients within the west London renal units are automatically entitled to become members of the association.

Imperial College Renal and Transplant Centre (ICRTC) currently treat around
6,000 patients
with renal failure. All of our subscribed members who have expressed
their preference to be kept informed of the latest renal 
information, receive our
newsletter and also the National Kidney Federation (NKF)  quarterly magazine 
“Kidney Life”
For further information about kidney and transplant services provided by
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, please follow this link.

WLKPA aims to:
• Provide information and support to people with renal failure, their families and carers.
• Help improve medical facilities
• Support national renal organisations
• Raise public awareness about renal issues


Why our work is important

Kidney failure can be treated very effectively but it can have a great impact on a person’s
lifestyle and some people may need support if, for example, their careers have been affected. The number of people with kidney failure at West London Renal Centre is projected to rise by 15% per annum over the next 5 years. This, together with the national increasing demand for renal services, means that WLKPA considers raising awareness of renal issues a high priority. We aim to do this both at a local and national level and are always looking for help to achieve our goal.


What we do
• Provide information through our quarterly newsletter to all members
• Purchase equipment for renal units
• Provide welfare grants to individual members
• Work closely with hospital staff and management to improve
  hospital conditions for people on dialysis and with transplants
• Promote the
NHS Organ Donor Register and Donor Card
• Support the British Transplant Games
• Participate at the National Kidney Federation’s annual conference


Examples of what we do throughout the year:

We participate in the World Kidney Day (WKD) - 2nd Thursday in March, raise awareness across the region to the very diverse population that we represent, purchase medical and non-medical equipment, promote the British Transplant Games (BTG) which take place at the end of July, representing the patients interests in the recent reorganisation of renal services in West London and putting local forums together for the patients voices to be heard. We also actively participate in raising awareness during Organ Donation Week which takes place in September every year.


How you can get involved

Become a Committee Member

  Become an occasional volun
teer. We need volunteers to help with our events.
  Organise your own sponsored event for WLKPA.

   Events can be as large or small as you want and raise a little or lots of money!

For further information email:

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West London Kidney Patients’ Association is a member of National Kidney Federation (NKF). Click on the NKF logo to go to their website.
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