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We would really appreciate your help on this page.

In order to continue to provide a valuable service to all of the kidney patients in west London, we want to know how you would like us to reach out and engage with you. This will help ensure we use our resources efficiently and effectively.

As you will all know, the WLKPA is run by patients, their carers and/or family members and staff from the Imperial College Renal & Transplant Centre. We all do this on a voluntary basis with funds that are donated to us by generous supporters and well-wishers, just like yourself.

We want to organise and host events that are fun, informative, social and inclusive.
It takes up a lot of valuable time and effort to organise such events and we need to
make sure our resources are being utilised appropriately.

This page has been created so that we can collect your views (anonymously if you wish) on the services we provide or intend to introduce in future. If there are any other points not covered in our survey(s) and you wish to make us aware of this, please email


We would like to encourage you all to participate in our surveys and influence how the charity evolves in the months and years to come. Thank you.

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