Are you a budding musician, singer, poet, chef, artisit? Want to share the fruits of your hobbies, skills & talent with the rest of the community? This is the place to do it.


We want to hear from all those of you who can inspire other renal patients to be more creative and tap in to their own creativity.


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Hi! My name is Karl Joseph and I'm a musician from North London

I live in Watford with my family. I had my transplant in 2012. I studied music and drama at school but my passion for music is what keeps me going. I'm influenced by Latin American music. Click on the button for a sample and check out my website for more information. Thanks.

I'm George and I'm from South London

I thought I'd never be able to continue my passion for creating music with my friends from college as I was feeling really tired after dialysis three times a week at my local hospital. This track we produced recently went down well with friends at a recent party and now we get bookings almost every week at venues around London. Check out for my story.

Hello. My name is Karen.

My husband donated his kidney to me when I needed a transplant in 2014. It has been a rocky few years since but I'm doing much better now. I just love baking and always try to learn new techniques. I'm taking classes at a local school every Wednesday evenings. I love baking all types of cakes. Please contact me for prices if you're interested.